HGUC グフカスタム Wガトリング+重装備 改修ポイント2

HGUC グフカスタム 追加武装重装備
It has been modified to be fitted with a back pack HGUC High Mobility Type Zaku (Psycho Zaku).

HGUC グフカスタム 追加武装重装備
Add the armed HGUC High Mobility Type Zaku (Psycho Zaku), we have heavy equipment specification.
It is the great power of about can not display is not attached to the stand.

HGUC グフカスタム 追加武装重装備
I’ve also added Gatling shield + heat saber for the right hand.
I am wearing the clear parts in scope.

HGUC グフカスタム 追加武装重装備
I am embedding the metal parts to Gatling tip.

HGUC グフカスタム 追加武装重装備
I have to be replaced from the elbow of the right hand.